Big Cheese/Main Photographer


Officiant/2nd Shooter/Videographer

Hey there, I’m Amanda Jones, a professional and award winning photographer with 10 years of experience. I began my Professional Photography career in May of 2013, but honestly, I've always had a camera in my hand. I've loved photography for as long as I can remember, but I think what started it was watching the sunsets over the bridge on my car rides home. I'd love how different each day was, but never less breath-taking than the day before it. Even as a kid, I'd want to take a photo of how beautiful sunset to keep and treasure. You could say I'm still just a girl chasing sunset.

Meet my sweet family, they all end up helping me out a lot during our sessions, mostly with behind the scenes, set ups, and minis. Take a minute to get familiar with me and my crew. They’re the reasons that I work so hard to make your moments so special. My little family makes my day every single day and when I can help stamp that moment in time with you and your loved ones, it’s when it all feels worth it. 

I’m thankful to have this amazing job while I make some of your most precious memories last FOREVER.  I already can’t wait to work with you whether it be your wedding vows, your baby’s first smile, the annual family photos, or something incredibly unique to you! 

  • Photographer of 10 years
  • The Office Obsessed
  • Amateur Comedian *get ready for jokes*
  • #teamnikon
  • Eccentric​ (yeah, I'll bring the personality)
  • PCB Local
  • Rainbow hair
  • #ilovespookyseason

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Why should you hire me?

Well, I'm genuine. I'm down to earth. I'll keep your portrait session fun and carefree while still being able to deliver amazing quality images that will last a lifetime. I love having a fun time during a portrait session and I've even made some amazing friends while doing so. 

Since beginning my professional photography journey in 2013, I have experienced some of life's most beautiful moments and it's all thanks to THIS JOB!

I work with both natural and artificial light. For natural light, I love the way the sun catches things. It's just so beautiful to me. Artificial light just screams artsy to me, so I like to play with different concepts I couldn't create otherwise. I'm confident with both and am happy to help make your photography visions come true through my art. 

I'm patient. Like I mentioned earlier, I have kids of my own. You might think that girls are made of sugar and spice and all that nonsense, but I know better. I'll be just as patient with your child(ren), as I would mine, during your portrait session. 

I do have to warn you, people have considered me to be quite hilarious. In fact, your cheeks may be hurting from laughing so hard during our session. If I couldn't be a photographer, I'd probably try my hand in stand up comedy.